I´m using the “OnElementAppear” function in four blocks.
In each one of these, the robot process one file in the program tha can return an error or not. I put in each block the “OnElementAppear” and it stops running in the block where the message don´t show up.

I set the “RepeatForever” to false and the “WaitForReady” to NONE.

What other option may i be missing?


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may i know what was the error we were getting on that
or if no error kindly run in debug mode and share us the error details pls
Cheers @Gustavo_Lopes

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Hi @Gustavo_Lopes,

use element exist insted of Onelement apear

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Thanks @Palaniyappan and @Luis261980.
I try one more thing that works… I set the “ContinueOnError” to True and it works! :partying_face:

@Luis261980 i´ll try this function on my next robot.

Thaks a lot to all!

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