On element appear doesnt work always

Hello all,
I am running my on element appear activity as shown in picture. It gives warning.

But works when the push button appear for long time but the activity doesnt perfrom task when the push button just appear for blink.

Can anyone help me clear the warning and also what to do for blink sec. image that is not recognized.

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There are two ways to handle this

  1. Either you can enable ContinueOnError property so that it continues if even if the element goes off in few seconds

  2. Or set the wait for visible as false and wait for ready as none

Cheers @tarangmehta1195

Hello @Palaniyappan I tried that even i tried wait active to False but that blink is not recognised and my automation get stuck.


here it says " If this activity is included in Try Catch and the value of the ContinueOnError property is True, no error is caught when the project is executed."

I think in my case this is happening. I dont know how to solve it.

That’s true and I would recommend to use the same
If you have that property enabled it won’t throw error even if your element vanishes quickly and it will continue further without any issues
If the element appears and is captured then also it will work fine as expected


On Element Appear is a classic activity, by this point you should be working in modern. The Check App State activity may function better for your needs.


Just Try with modern design using check app state activity and selecting valid selector.

Thank you

HI @tarangmehta1195

you can try with modern design experience check app sate activity it works similar to on element appear and youcan provide the seconds when the element will appear 5,10 or 30.

And set this Wait for page load property to complete

Gayathri M K

Thank you @Gayathri_Mk @Palaniyappan @Yogeesh_G @postwick

I used a combination of Modern and classic design and was able to achieve the result.

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