One Or More Entry Point UniqueID's Are Already Used In Another Project

Error fix for "One or more entry point UniqueIDs are already used in another project: [Project name] (#2008)" an thrown while publishing project to Orchestrator.

Root Cause: This error occurs if there are leftovers of an older package in the database due to which references could not be completely removed.

Resolution: Try out the following steps,

  1. Check in the [UiPath].[dbo].[PackageDefinitions] table from Database if the reference to the older project is completely deleted or not. IsDeleted value should be set to 1 for the project which was deleted. If it is not 1, then correct it.
  2. Check the [UiPath].[dbo].[PackageMetadata] table for the same project, the value for IsDeleted should be set to 1.