Error Publish Of Tests Project To Orchestrator Failed One Or More Entry Point Unique Ids Are Already Used In Another Project

When trying to publish the test project, error "Publish of Tests project to Orchestrator failed. One or more entry points UniqueId's are already used in another project." is thrown.

Root Cause: Common actions that lead to this behavior are:

  • Attempting to publish the same test project to Orchestrator under a different name
  • Copying the test cases from a a previously published test project into a new project and trying to publish it.


The project.json file contains this Unique ID reference and the key is called "testCaseId".

Possible solutions:

  • Select a different tenant to publish the project into.

If above is not feasible, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to GUID generator
  2. Select how many GUID's you want to generate (you need 1 GUID for each test case)
  3. Check the hyphens box deom the "Format" section and uncheck all under the encoding part and click on "Generate some GUIDs!".
  4. Once the GUID's are generated, close the project in Studio and open the project.json file and replace the existing test case id's with the newly generated GUID's as shown in the below image

  1. Once the test case id's are replaced, save the project.json file and open it again in Studio. Publishing is now possible.