Duplicate entry points and orphan json files when creating projects from custom templates

I will update the two cases with some images soon.



We as many COEs maintain a bunch of templates some for automations and some for test automations. We do this by publishing templates (isTemplate:true in project.json) to Orchestrator and all developers can have access to these in the home section of Studio.

1. Duplicate Entry Points (Unique IDs)
Now lets say as Developer 1, I create a new project using one of the templates. The new project for some reason inherits the same entry point GUID! This means that when I as a developer publishing my project to Orchestrator, the template and the new project both will have the same entry point GUID (unique IDs). More problematic is when Developer 2 also performs the same operations, we have two process packages in Orchestrator with the same unique ID (entry point ID)

Simple remedy is to have a method where it updates the UniqueID of entry point every time a new process is created from a custom template. This way the project.json for the newly created process is unique and this will ensure all developers using the template will auto generate new and unique GUID/Entrypoint IDs for their processes.

Our workaround : A workflow which implements the above remedy. Edits the GUID in project.json. The developers run this file once after they have created a new process from the custom template.

2. Orphan Json files
Every time a process is created from custom template, there are to binding.json files, which have no significant function in the automation. This is just about have the new project files organized and avoid unnecessary files in the project context menu.

Simple remedy : Delete these as soon as the new process is created from the custom template

Our workaround : A workflow which looks for these orphans json files and deletes them if they exist in the project directory.

We name our workaround approach RUNMEONLYONCE.xaml and in the end it sets itself as ignore from publish. Supports both projects and test automation projects.

Feature request : Can we have a feature which checks for these two issues and we would love to retire our crude approach to this issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for your consideration and efforts.

@jeevith can you please share what Studio version is this? I recall seeing this issue in our backlog and we fixed it for 2022.10 release.

Hi @alexandru,

We are currently using the 2022.4.4 on our Dev machines. I added some images in the post above.


I could possibly replicate this on the Community edition and let you know, what happens. Probably as you say, this might have been fixed in the 22.10 version.

Hi @alexandru,

I upgraded to 22.10.X and observe

  1. The UniqueID field is now updating as required to a new value, which solves the first issue. :white_check_mark:

  2. . Orphan files stil persist :x: