How to deploy a robot in prodution server

We have two environment separate, DEV and PROD for orchestrator. We have full setup in DEV, STUDIO as well as ROBOT. We are good in dev with deployment.

  1. So how to deploy any process in PROD?
  2. Are studio and robot required in PROD server too, when it will run live?

Kindly suggest.

Hi @khan,

Check this link,

To connect the robot: on the Robot machine, do the following:
-In the system tray, click the UiPath Robot icon. The UiPath Robot window is displayed.
-Click Settings. The Settings window is displayed.
-Type the Robot key from orchestrator and the server URL( 67)
-Provide the machine name in Orchestrator which is the Current user name of the amchine.
-Click Connect. The Robot is now deployed to Orchestrator and its status changed to Available.
After all these steps, when you clikc on the publish button in studio, it will return you the package version, once you logon to orchestartor you should update the process with recently Published code.

Hi Divya, This process, I know… My question is bit different. I have already deployed in dev server. I need to deploy in seprate production server. BUt ROBOT is not present there

At minimum you will need ROBOT installed on the production machine you want the process to run on. You can manually upload the packages from Studio/DEV to the PROD ORCHESTRATOR that you have ROBOT running on the PROD machine connected to.

Hi Tyler, Just confirm one thing, Anyhow ROBOT is required in Production server???

just login to the production orchestrator and update the latest package over there

Hi Raj, If I don’t have ROBOT in prod server. then will it work?

i think if your process latest version is available in the orchestrator means no need to create a robot