On Image Appear time out error

I am using activity “on Image Appear”. It does the clicks listed in the scope of it. However it throws me an error “On Image Appear activity timeout exceeded”.
Can you help?

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Hi @A_Learner

Adjust Timeout property In the properties of the “On Image Appear” activity, you will find a property named “Timeout.” This represents the maximum time the activity will wait for the image to appear. Try increasing the timeout value to give the activity more time to locate the image.

Depending on the nature of your automation, you can consider using other activities such as “Element Exists” or “Find Image Matches” activities.

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Hi @A_Learner

can you try setting the RepeatForever property to False?



You should be working in modern and using the Check App State activity. It’s much more powerful and reliable and has more options.

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