On Element Appear does not work on screen share on Microsoft Teams Desktop App

Hi All

I have noticed that element appear won’t work during screen share on Microsoft Teams Desktop App while it works with Web App.
I know Team desktop app is using web based engine however is there any way around so screen share won’t disrupt element used by UiPath ?


I know we had some issues but got fixed. I have just tested it with UIAutomation.Activities 21.2-preview and works fine. Can you give it a try? Thanks. Gheorghe


@gheorghestan Thanks mate, Will check and update

Thanks, Work like magic trick.
When to expect stable version as it need to be implemented into a prod env ?

21.4 FTS

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Other than switching the update stream from Stable to Preview, is there any other method of setting up a Preview Package Stream in Enterprise Studio?


Actually, it should be as easy as flipping a filter on:

Thanks @loginerror . I’m kicking myself at the moment for forgetting that little filter icon on the package manager.

:laughing: + :frowning: = mixed feelings!

Good thing is I took the day off and more relaxed as a reason as opposed to being on a roll and forgetting things!