On Element Appear fail on screen share

Hello Everyone,

I am facing issue while using On Element Appear.

This works fine during execution, however if i am on screen share, this activity fails.
I am looking for a reason on what happens during screenshare that disrupts the UiElement on screen

Can you check if the resolution remains same?
While sharing screen, check if the selector is still valid.
Also, you need to verify if the screen is active and the element is visible(properties set that way).

Screen sharing typically doesn’t impact any activity however high chances of it interfering with the clicks specially if the right window is not active.

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Well, I tried checking attributes of element, they are exactly same.
Element is still there, screen resolution does not affect UI, and in my case it is same.
Selectors are good both during screen share and normal, however i saw there are other questions around screen share and on element appear, specifically with Teams.
When i did a screen share on Zoom it works smoothly… Still doing some r&d to find the cause.

There is a alternative solution to this.
I used Teams as a web - app and it worked smoothly.

Yess… @Lakshay_Verma on element appear won’t work properly when you do screen share either in Teams, Webex or even in Skype even though selectors are stable. So better avoid using the on element appear, and also OEA activity throws error in Unattended mode some times. So try to minimize the usage of the activity. I guess Element Exists will work fine, so couple EE activity with control loop to achieve the OEA activity functionality.

If you can explain us the scenario we can help you with some work around.

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Thanks @ManiPrajwal_K

I am good on this, as this is attended bot. I could use EE but that will cause a delay and another condition based judgement which i am avoiding. I will stick to it for now.

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