Opening older projects in newer version of Studio

I have tried opening an old project (developed earlier this year in an older version of studio) with a more up-to-date version of Studio and an error (about the version) is returned without even opening the project. How can you open older projects with newer versions of Studio ?


Hi @Gid
Just sharing what i did is to import the workflow to another version and it works!

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Many thanks for the reply, how did you import ? I have never done that.

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Hello @Gid

First create a new project using the latest Studio. Then close the studio and copy the xaml files from the old location to new project folder. Now open it in Studio and it will work


Many Thanks for the reply I’ll give it a go.


Remove the project.json file in the project folder that we have developed in older version and try to open the main.xaml with newer version of uipath studio
That would create project dependencies automatically
So that would work either
And if we face any issue like package dependencies version compatibility then add this package in the Manage packages in the design tab

Cheers @Gid

Thank you for the reply, I have successfully opened older projects.


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