Office 365 - Write range / write cell exception - tooManyRetries

Hi folks,

I am currently trying to write in a cell to a Excel workbook in a Sharepoint site. Although everything is configured properly and I am able to connect and find the file, returning the DriveItem of the first file, I am not able to update it either with Write Range nor Write Cell.

First picture is a screenshot of WriteCell error: tooManyRetries

Second picture is a screenshot of WriteRange error: String ‘’ was not recognized as a valid DateTime

Writing the same datatable using simple Excel.Activities.WriteRange works perfectly, so not sure how to handle the above errors, as they are not pointing anywhere.


  1. Verify network connectivity: Ensure that you have a stable network connection to the SharePoint site and the Excel workbook. Any network interruptions or latency issues can cause retries to fail. Check your network connectivity and resolve any connectivity problems.
  2. Check SharePoint permissions: Ensure that the account used in UiPath has the necessary permissions to write to the Excel workbook in SharePoint. Make sure the account has write access to the specific file and folder where the workbook is located.
  3. Retry with delays: Implement a retry mechanism in your workflow with appropriate delays between retries. Instead of immediately retrying the action, introduce a delay using the “Delay” activity before attempting the action again. This can help mitigate transient issues that may cause the retries to fail.

@raja.arslankhan, thank you for your quick reply!

I have double checked everything, the connectivity is fine, the robot account is the site owner so having write permissions.
I don’t think retrying an error code like “tooManyRetries” or " String ‘’ was not recognized as a valid DateTime" would have different results.

Hi @Cristian_Bardas

May you are using the wrong write range activity You are using the excel write range to save it in your local machine. Try using the write range in Microsoft 365 activities package add your connection with the sharepoint. you can achieve your required output.

This activity is under the package UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities.

Hope it helps!!


  1. For the first error it would be good idea to check the inner exception details to know further about the error …you can go to locals panel and open exception details
  2. For the second one looks like you have a column with dates and one or more cells in that column are empty and it is expectingn a date to be present instead of empty cell

Hope this helps