Office-365-Scope: Wrong credentials in consent dialogue box. How to change

we are using some calender functions of the Office-365-Scope with an App in Azure. It runs very fine if I use the program (workflow). Within this workflow we read some information of a team-calender I and some colleques have access to.
A new colleague entered in the consent dialog box wrong credentials. He uses the one without access to the team-calender and now we have to change them. We tried to find out where the credentials are stored to change them. But we did not find a solution for changing.

We use the community version of UIPath Studio because we test RPA with a our first project.

Could you please describe a way to change the credentials and where are they stored?

Hi @snickele

Check this

Ashwin S

Can you please check and let me know

Hi @AshwinS2
thanks for your idea.
I am sorry, but I have no problems with the workflow itself. It runs fine if I use my credentials in the consent dialog box which belongs to Azure.
We have to delete the wrong credentials which were inserted during the first start of the workflow. Azure opens once the consent dialog box and asks for user-email and password. If you start the workflow a second time this consent dialog box does not appear again. Therefore it is not possible to change the credentials.
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Hi @Kartheesan,
if I try to open the link a get an error:
" Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."
Could you please check it?
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It;s worked for me…Can you please check and let me know (might be some network issues since this is on cloud).

Hello @Kartheesan,
I am sorry, but it is still not possible to open the link.
Errormessage: " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

Sorry, It;s works for me once Signin/Login to

Can you please try to login first then try.

Sorry, I logged in first. I tried again, but still does not work.
Could You please print it as PDF and upload the file?

Office 365 Scope setup - UiPath Community Forum.pdf (347.1 KB) Please check and let me know if any issues