Office 365 scope activites issue

I’m working on office 365 scope + Find Files and folders to get all files on one drive or Sharepoint site. I’ve been setup application on Azure portal following documents

But in my uiPath studio execution, I got following remoteexception error:
RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Graph.ServiceException: Code: BadRequest
Message: /me request is only valid with delegated authentication flow.

my activities properties like below:

does any one know how to resolve the issue?

Hi @SunnyX,

Which level permissions you have enabled during setup? Delegated or application level? have you enabled graph api permissions for files read/write as well?

Also I see authentication mode you are using is application of and secret, have you tried using other authentication types? What happens when you try using other authentication types?


Thanks Sonali,

following is my permission what like. I tried both application and delegated permission, doesn’t work.

As for other authentication types, I tried username and password, it will give me another error like below, seems like my account type doesn’t support, I used personal account, not work account, interactive token not support as well.

RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Graph.ServiceException: Code: generalException
Message: An error occurred sending the request.
—> RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Identity.Client.MsalClientException: ROPC does not support MSA accounts. See Acquire a token to call a web API (desktop app) - Microsoft identity platform | Microsoft Docs for details.