Office 365 Scope with Government Tenant

@AndrewHall I saw your answers on this thread and thought you might be able to assist! ( Microsoft Office 365 Scope: Could not load type ‘Microsoft.Identity.Client.TokenCacheExtensions’ - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

Do you know if there are limitations to using the 365 scope with a .US azure tenant. It seems like the 365 scope only attempts a login at and there is no way to configure this to be - is this a correct understanding? If so, is there a way to change it?


Hi Ben, tagging my colleague @ovidiuponoran who owns our Office 365 activities package to help with your question.


@swashburne I don’t have such a tenant to test. But I guess if you specify an Application ID that is part of an .US tenant it should work.
When you register an application in your .US tenant, maybe the default URIs will be rather that .com as in my case (see screenshot).

CC: @Mihai_Dunareanu

Hi @ovidiuponoran

I did test with that URI, but it did not seem to work. I was working with fiddler and I noticed that no matter what combination I used, the UI Path scope still tried to access It also seems like UI Path registers itself as an Enterprise App within the tenant

and I am wondering if it creates a conflict to use the custom app registration versus the enterprise? Also, I did a test using a commercial tenant and it was successful. However, even though I have the gov tenant specified in the sequence, it still redirects to the commercial tenant and seemingly uses the interactive token to log in - is there a cache I need to clear somewhere?

Thank you for your help!

@swashburne We need to investigate and will come back to you.

BTW, have you tried to use a different registered app created in that .US tenant instead of using UiPath App?

@ovidiuponoran Yes, I have tried using a different registered app. It still appears as though UI Path is trying to navigate to .com rather than .us


Hi @swashburne I’ve sent you a private message with an alpha version of Office 365 package with added support for national clouds. Please try it and let me know whether it is working for you now.

Starting with version 1.9.0 we support national clouds in O365 scope activity.

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