Microsoft 365 scope Get mail Activity

Im triying to get emails using Office 365

but i’m receiving error :

Send Mail: Code: OrganizationFromTenantGuidNotFound
Message: The tenant for tenant guid “cd585f47-a8be-470c-a47a-13c5d40278dc” does not exist.

@AndersJensen Do you have any idea? I swa you helped in regards to this issue in another forum topic. TIA

Hey Thulini. Do you use the right ApplicationID and Tenant? You have probably already seen the guide, that I made, - and I know it sound a little bit like support 101, but can you try to do each step from there? Let me know, if you still see the problem. Kind regards, Anders

@AndersJensen thanks for the response. I have followed exact same steps as yours. Just one difference i have office 365 personal trial account & azure AD trial subscription could be that an issue?

So in tenant overview under liscences for me its not showing office 365 instead it free AD connect

I honestly don’t know :pensive: