Office 365 GetMail activity - does not return emails consistently

I have access to a shared mail box and I am using the Office 365 GetMail activity to get all the unread emails. I am using v1.6.0. of the Office 365 activity.

What I have observed is that GetMail does not always give me all the unread emails. If I mark the mails which it did not read the first time, as read and then unread, then it works. Did anyone observe similar issues w.r.t. the GetMail activity?

Just to add, I am using ‘InteractiveToken’ in the Office 365 scope.

Any ideas how to resolve this? Or is there a bug in this activity?

Thank you.

I haven’t experienced this so far.
Being a shared mailbox, isn’t it possible that somebody else was accessing it at the same time?
Please check if you see this behavior on a personal mailbox.

Thank you @ovidiuponoran. I will test this and post an update here.

Still facing this issue. It does not occur consistently though.