Find Files and Folders Query field

Hello all,

I’m attempting to use the Office365 activities package. I’ve successfully authenticated to our tenant and created an Application ID. I’ve been able to perform some basic operations with activities (e.g creating files and folders on my own account’s OneDrive) but cannot find any references on how to utilise the activities beyond what is contained here (and the related articles for each activity).

Specifically, what I’d like to be able to do is use a Find Files and Folders activity to reference a specific file on a specific SharePoint site. I’ve managed to output the names of the folders (using a write line) for the Root of the site in question, and the names listed are correct. What I can’t work out is how to then drill deeper into the folder structure.

Has anyone found an expression format that will allow me to specify a location within a folder structure within a document library of a SharePoint site using the query field in a “Find Files and Folders” activity?

Alternatively, is there a better way to do this?

Hi @Mark.Edgeller

Maybe i dont get it the question properly. But if you want to find some files you need to use the activities .image just put the path type and use boolean condition.

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Hi @pattyricarte,

The reason this will not work is because Path Exists only works on local (or shared network) drives. I’m trying to work with Office365 storage (i.e. Cloud based).