'Find Files And Folders' activity in Office365 Scope, how to get file in a folder

Hey Forum.

I’ve sat up Office365 in Azure portal and everything works. However I’m a little unsure about the query in ‘Find Files And Folder’.

I got two folder A and B with the same two files in each, File1 and File2

How will I query to get e.g. the File2 in A?

I can query for e.g. File1 or folder A, but I need the specific query.

Hey Laura,
I’m stuck in a similar situation. Did you get answer for that??

Same here. I had to use SharePointAcitivites. But for more complex use case I might need O365 and find all children …

This is now fixed in v1.3.0 of UiPath.Office365.Activites. A SubFolder field has been added to let you specify which folder to search in.


Same think here : what is the syntax used into query ? Is there any documentation about it ? e.g. how do I search only files created by a specific user ?