Office 365 Activities - Misleading/Incomplete

There is a 4MB request limit on Graph API requests. I believe this should be stated clearly on About the Microsoft Office 365 Activities Package.

Without this knowledge, we risk deploying code to production for our clients which will not scale with data volume (ie. especially with Excel write activities). Unfortunately, I know this from lived experience.

While some endpoints support upload sessions, and UiPath appear to have implemented these (eg. v1.6.0 change notes: " Added support in Send Mail and Add Attachment activities for attachments larger than 4 MB."), it is a very real possiblity the general Graph API 4MB limit will be reached using activities implementing other endpoints.

Another reason this should be included in UiPath documentation of the activitiy pack is their statement on Technical References:

You don’t need to be familiar with the Microsoft Graph APIs to use the activities. These links are for informational purposes only in case you want to learn more about the action happening “behind-the-scenes”.

I would prefer people not have to dig through Graph API doco to find out why their requests are failing.