ResponsePayloadSizeLimitExceeded - Reading Range from Sharepoint Excel file larger than 4MB

Hi Robot Masters

Hoping I can get your assistance with reading an excel range from sharepoint.
We’ve got a few processes that use the Office365 scope to interact with an excel doc hosted in sharepoint, and these work great.

I’m in the process of migrating another process from a local excel file to sharepoint and am running into an issue. Trying to “Read Range” results in a “responsePayloadSizeLimitExceeded” error and prompts me to look at Resource limits and performance optimization for Office Add-ins - Office Add-ins | Microsoft Learn.

I can’t find any information regarding a size limit, but this forum post here suggests that it’s 4MB: Office 365 Activities - Misleading/Incomplete

I’m struggling to understand why there’d be such a small size limit working with office365 files. The file is not huge (9.6MB) and is about 40,000 rows - not obscenely large by enterprise standards.

I know I can probably split the range up into several chucks and then merge them, but this seems rather inelegant. Does anyone have any experience working with excel files in Sharepoint larger than 4MB? What is your solution?


Currently using Studio v2019.10.
MicrosoftOffice365.Activities v1.11


Can you try downloading to local and read the data as a workaround?


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Hi Anil

Thanks - it’s an option, but I’m hoping to keep it all online as it’s a daily job.


I believe you have the answer in the documentation you rpocided itself


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