Issue Regarding Microsoft O365 Activities

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test.xaml (7.0 KB)
Reg: We have the Use Case to read, retrieve the PDF files from Data Lake and also to upload the Output Files(Excel)/ Folder to the data lake.**

Fortunately, I found the way forward to achieve using UiPath Microsoft O365 activities

Below are my key queries/concerns where I need your valuable suggestions.

  1. With reference to Release notes, I have analyzed the above activity might useful to validate & perform only on One drive, O365 & Share Point. Please confirm whether it also supports Azure Data Lake or any Azure services too ?
  2. Could you please confirm if there is there any limit/ size of the data to perform the actions likewise to upload or download the file?
  3. Does it supports all the file formats, please confirm?
  4. Also, when I have tried to evaluate with O365 scope activity, I have noticed a pop up says ‘Microsoft authentication’ is this the default behavior of the activity in the tool which may pop up periodically on every Bot run.

Thanks in advance!