Bot can not able to add files more than 5MB

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I tried to send a file with size more than 5MB using O365 Send Email activity, but bot can not able send an email with this size, where as i try to send the same file using SMTP and Send Outlook Mail Activity, they were successfully send, can you tell is there any limitation for the file size when sending through Office 365 activities in UiPath. or is there any other way we can send files of this(More than 5MB)?


Hi @Santhosh_Hyd Starting with O365 1.6.0, the limitation for attachments larger than 4MB has been removed.

If you are already using this version maybe the issue is different, not related to attachment’s size. If the mail size is larger than the limit set for your mailbox, normally the error should be something like “The message exceeds the maximum supported size”.


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