Odd behavior - Orchestrator's Asset is not storing password

I’m running Exercise 2 of Training 3 on UiPath Academy and I get an error for having a Null value for password (screenshot below):

I reentered the password multiple times but upon saving the password and rerunning the sequence, I get the same error. What’s curious is that my password field shows blank in Asset after I enter and save the value (screenshot below). Any experiences with this?


It’s not an odd behaviour and it won’t show the password once you saved it. As we know, passwords are secure credentials and if someone will open our Orchestrator and then can also see password right. That’s why it’s not showing.

Are you getting user name ?

That makes complete sense! thank you.

No, I’m not getting an issue on username. It is accepting user name but just erroring out on password. Any thoughts?

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Have you saved password in secure string variable or not ? After reading credentials from assets then save username in string variable and password in secure string variable.

I did. I’m not sure what is wrong. Maybe sharing the workflow may help. I’m attaching it here. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to see if I can find what’s happening.

Main.xaml (55.3 KB)
Config.xlsx (20.7 KB)

do u get the solution of this, i also have the same problem

For using credentials stored in the orchestrator via the config file you need to add a “Get Credentials” activity to your workflow. Then handover the name of the credential asset from your Config and save the username and password to own variables. Then you can use these variables to login to the systems via type into and type secure text.