Credential Assets' values not reflected in Orchestrator but have value in Database server

We are currently having an issue where our Asset credential values are not reflecting properly in Orchestrator. See image below.

In DB, these assets have values as shown below.

This is only happening in credential type assets as other types (Text, Int) have values reflected properly.


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Ideally in assets the credential values wont be seen…but hen youretreive you should get the values as expected


yes, you’re correct. atleast the password is not seen and only username is shown. That’s how it’s setup in our QA environment as shown below:

But for Prod environment, even username is not shown. And we have a powershell script that retrieves credential asset which value is an AD account for our robot users and resets the password, in this case it’s not able to retrieve those assets because it reads it as having null value.


Is it happening for all the credential assets even if you create a new one manually?

If so is there any differnece between the QA and prod orchestrators?


for existing credential assets yes. FYI we have migrated from Orchestrator 2019 to 2023.4.1. This is for both QA and prod orchestrators, and there’s no difference that I can think of so far.

If we create a new asset manually, it’s fine - it shows the username.


Looks like a migration issue…when changed from 2019 to 2023…the DB structure also might have changed


yeah the issue was on Encryption key value in UiPath.orchestrator.dll config file. Since we did not copy our old web.config file upon installing Orchestrator 2019 to a new server, the value got replaced with a new one which is the cause why Asset values are not reflected properly upon upgrade to version 2023. To solve the issue we just copied the encryption key value from web.config file (2019 version) to UiPath.orchestrator.dll config file (2023 version)

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