Uipath Level 3 assignment 1 problem about get credential value

Hi All,

i try solve uipath advance assignment 1.

but, i stuck in login part. because id and password value is null.

I set asset name is System_Credential and then change the argument at getAppCredential, Login workflow.

how can i solve this problem? plz let me know


Hi, please use get credentials activity to get the credentials from the asset
And pls give the asset name same as you have given in the orchestrator
Now create variables for Username (string) and password (secure string)

The problem with your issue could be

You might have given Arguments as output at get credentials activity for UserName and password outputs

Here you need to give variables , direct arguments will not work

Thank you for your reply.

Hi , Happy to help here .
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Actually i can’t solve this problem yet.

i don’t know what is problem :frowning:

I fill System1_Credential, System1_URL, SHA1 Online URL in config file and then I add System_Credential asset in my Orchestrator.

but my workflow do not catch my asset .

here is result.

Hi ,

  1. The asset name should be same as you have given in the Orchestrator
  2. please Create Assets in ‘Assets’ Sheet of config file , If you are using Reframework , Because reading the config file ‘Assets’ sheet is different from reading the other sheets in config file
    3)use Get credentials activity in the code to get the credentials

Orchestrator asset name is System1_Credential. So i think i have asset name same condition.

Plus, when i fill in asset sheet , it occured error message


i attached current my workflow about assingment1assingment1.zip (509.3 KB)

Hi , You need to create an Asset in the Orchestrator with the same name (Value column) as given in ‘Assets’ workbook sheet , and the Asset type should be ‘Credentials’

Hello, Thank you for reply.

it is right?

Yes , it is

Ok finally I can access my asset in Orchestrator

Thank you for your effort !!

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