Orchestrator asset issue

while using Get App Credential, I am getting error like “Get Orchestrator Credential: Asset Name cannot be null or empty.”

Please check your orchestrator whether you created asset name same as the asset name which you used in uipath

Check if you have empty rows in Config file.
I was getting this error because I had an empty row between two filled rows.

Hi @raparthi.krishna,

Have you specified right orchestrator folder name and asset name. Please also note that when you are using getappcredentials.xaml file, asset name would be in an in argument(in_Credential) passed from Init, but in your screenshot, I see you are using variable name, can you cross check this?

Also, I would like to highlight a point wrt usage of getappcredentials.xaml file.

Please Note: In Production, you might want to avoid using the GetAppCredentials.xaml file, for a more controlled behavior. You typically know the exact location of a set of credentials, which enables you to retrieve them easily. If the credentials are stored in Orchestrator as Assets, simply use the Get Credential activity.

So alternatively, you can use ‘Get Credential’ activity and fetch credentials.

Also note that, if you use or plan to use workflow analyzer on your code, per those analyzer rules as well, it is not advisable to use GetAppCredentials.xaml file anymore. You will be thrown errors on its usage.

Hope this helps.


Did you provide the asset name to the Get Credential activity?