OCR in a loop - Executor has ended with exit code : 1073741819 and Code : 255

Hi Team,

I am using Microsoft OCR in a loop to extract content from PDF. This cause my UiRobot to Crash randomly . With reference to the issue addressed earlier in this forum “Exception thrown: Executor ended with exit code -1073741819 - OCR Loop - #2 by extremihai”. I tried running the UiRobot by using the OCR extraction activity in separate work file, but the issue is not resolved .

Please let me know the work around at the earliest.

Device Details :
UiPath Developer Version : 2016.1.5999
Microsoft Window 7 Enterprise 32-bit
.NET 4.0.30319.42000

Have you read this? Invoke should use the isolated option and enclosed in a try-catch.

Yes… What you mean by Isolated Option here?
And I have used Try catch while invoking the workfile which will use Microsoft OCR Activity.

Isolated will run the invoked in a separate system process. If that process crashes the main will still run as long as you have the try-catch in place.

It should look like this:
Main Workflow {
Loop {
Try {Invoke Scrape Isolated}
Catch {}

You can retry the scraping in case of failure.


Thanks for the fast reply. It works fine now.

Hi Team,

How to use invoke workflow in ISolated mode? is there a checkbox in properties (though I cannot see that available)

I am using the version 8 and individually the workflows are workoing but in attended mode, all the workflows are throwing exceptions

please suggest


In V8 it was called UnSafe if I remember correctly.
If that’s also not present, could you share a screen clip from InvokeWorkflowFile you’re seeing?
(I’d suggest an update, but since you’re using V8 still there’s probably a good reason for it).

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