Exception thrown: Executor ended with exit code -1073741819 - OCR Loop

When running a simple Citrix based scrape for a bunch of rows in a .csv, my process never makes it past the 18 or so rows. Sometimes it throws this error after 8 or ten rows processed.

Does anyone know what this error means and have any idea on how to fix it?


Memory leaks have been reported when running GetOCRText in a loop, probably from the 3rd party engine (are you using MODI?). To avoid this, you can put the screen scrape activity in a separate workflow and invoke that inside the loop with the Isolated flag set. The InvokeWorkflowFile activity runs the scrape in a separate system process and resources used during the OCR are freed up by the OS when the process ends. Moreover, you can Try/Catch around the invoke to safeguard even further.

Hope this helps.

Are you using MODI in a loop? If yes take a look at this thread:

Invoking a separate work flow file worked well. Just make sure you have the isolation option is checked.