OCR Loop with try catch


Im trying to implement an OCR Loop to get a large amount of .pdf files converted to .txt files and then moved to a certain folder. I ran into multiple Microsoft internal error exceptions and another error saying that the file could not be moved because it was being used by another process. I am trying to make use of the Try Catch activity in order to move on to the next file in the directory and keep the workflow going. Any ideas? Sample workflows would be appreciated. One last question, why does the OCR have to read and then reread the pdf so many times? It is making the process excessively long


I have a similar process but never encountered the error you said. Try below and see if it works


Im not sure where to implement the invoke activity with my process. Can i show you my workflow so you can give me more advice?


Im not sure how to use this Invoke Method activity, could you provide an example? Or help my implement one into my workflow