I’m working in a citrix based automation project.I just downloaded ABBYYOCR from Manage Packages. But when i scrap a text, i’m not getting ABBYYOCR Engine in Scraping Wizard.Its there in activities pannel.When i used that activity studio throwing error.
Please someone help me on this and tell me which OCR is the best.
and tell me whats the best scale to scrap text.

Best OCR are Google Cloud OCR>Abby Cloud OCR>Microsoft Cloud OCR

all cloud based OCRs give the best results however they are all paid/trial and some of them like Abby will need you to purchase additional software/License

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What about Scale…still i couldn’t understand that.Both Microsoft and Google OCRs are good with scale 2.but when i increase or decrease it,output is completely not matching .pls suggest a scale.

The scale for the local OCRs of UIpath like MS,Google will vary based on your document, its font and quality
So there is no fixed scale. Its trial and error for most part

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We are planning to buy ABBYY OCR licence.Do u have any idea how it will work.better then google and microsoft?

Yes, I have used it for a few use cases. In my experience Google Cloud Vision API performs the best, but would require extensive string manipulation (using Regex) to get your desired values. MS Azure is again similar and same issue there

Abby shines as it has an easy GUI to tag fields and extract them by making templates. Other than that its better than your local OCR engines in UIPath but not the best

It basically comes down to cost vs user friendlyness vs quality. Evaluate that for your purpose and take a call

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Thanks bro.

welcome, please mark an appropriate solution if your query is resolved

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