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Hi Developers,
I have a question regarding ocr engine. When i come across working with OCR , i am not really sure which engine should i go with when there many number of different OCR engines. When should i use tesseract , microsoft , ABBYY ?? Can you name different ocr engines and their significant role play .

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Depending upon ur application it varies

Like to extract data from simple PDF etc you can use simple basic ocr like tessarct ocr, Microsoft ocr etc

If u want to extract data from handwritten document etc u can use paid ones Google cloud ocr, Microsoft vision ocr etc


Good question. Its depend upon the requirement If you want to extract small amount of data go with Google OCR and if you want to extract large amount of data go with Microsoft OCR. Apart from this if You want to extract multi page PDF data or invoices which may be in different language also including QR Code or Bar code go with Abbyy or Omni Page OCR. So there are a lot of OCR engines you can choose according to your requirement. Some are paid OCR with multiple features including data accuracy level.



I put some popular memes through UiPath OCR and was disappointed with the results. I then connected Google Cloud Vision and the results were starkly different. I did a YouTube video comparing UiPath OCR and GCV for anyone interested in the results of the comparison.

I’ve done a load of work with Google Cloud Vision and found it to be easy to work, it integrates seamlessly with UiPath and in my experience it works better than offerings from other vendors like IBM Watson.