OCR and Comparison

Hi Team,

I wanted know can we do this requirement over web application using UiPath Studio.

1.Web application will save address details in the database initially.
2.On the same web application, there is an option to upload the address proof say Aadhaar card scan copy.
3. UiPath should read the address from Aadhaar card scan copy and have to compare the Aadhaar address with DB address and say whether it’s same or not.

Kindly help me on this.

Probably yes. Devil is in the details, but from your description it seems that you need functionality that will cover:

  1. Working with web applications - no problem.
  2. Getting data from DB - no problem (depends on what DB it is, but since UiPath is .Net based, I highly doubt you’ll run into a situation that there is no way of connecting to it).
  3. Getting data from PDF - it’s possible. How hard it might be depends on how the PDF looks like, but the functionality to work with PDF’s (either native or images) is there.

I’d recommend trying to build a simple PoC for it with trial version and if you run into issues come back to forums - there are many users that help (PDF extraction and DB connecting might require some guidance, depending on your background etc.).

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Thanks for the guidance!