Automate input and dealing with pdfs

Hello I am trying to assist someone with entering checks, we can scan them in and do OCR. I was wondering how I could use UI path to somewhat automate this task. I am new to this program and excited to learn more about it. Guidance would be most appreciated. pdf link. I would need to copy the routing number and account number to a website and enter them.

Your PDF in download link is of text “kind” so you dont need to use OCR to capture the values inside, i advise you to use the package UiPath.PDF.Activities. Let me know if i can be of some more assistance when you try it!

Normally we print these physically and scan them. The provided pdf was an example of what the format looks like.I will try reviewing the suggested information thanks for the advice :blush:.

oh, so if you really going to be using a print version (image 'kind") pdf, then you should work with ocr, if you have too much trouble, send the pdf like in real case we take a look…