Object reference not to set to an instance of an object error

Hi guys, in the “Invoke Workflow File BOT started: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” I am getting this error. Could you pls help me to resolve this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @guptasweb

Can you explain bit more about your issue with screenshot.

Object Reference not set to an instance of an object–>coming because it is either null or blank.

In the Workflow check all the variable and argument are assign correctly.


Hi @guptasweb ,

Inside the Invoked Workflow check that the activities are initialized or if the value which are coming through the arguments are not null

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when I debug this i m getting in the invoke workflow whose pics are shown below:


when i debug the code, it shows the error in Invoke workflow that object is not to set an instance of object and when I open the invoke workflow there is already a Null condition and the screenshots are mentioned in the below mesaage.

Hi @guptasweb

You can try to Validate the project file. If possible share the XAML file here.



It shows no error but again in the debug mode same thing happen.

What some thing is happen? can you tell us more detail on this. Share the XAML file @guptasweb

ok…let me do some changes.

CopyBLSCSequence.xaml (14.7 KB)
Main.xaml (19.4 KB)
SendMail.xaml (13.6 KB)

As You Are getting the error from send outlook mail Message Activity,
Can you please Print the values of All the Variables that you are passing to Outlook Mail Message by Write Line Activity?
From here you will easily Find which contains Null or Blank fields.
Please let me know if it works if not we can try some other ways as well,

Cheers Buddy.

Can you tell us what is error that your face. All the 3 XAML file has an error? @guptasweb

In the Invoke workflow bot file started I got error i.e Object reference not to set an instance of object

It doesnot work as it was already stopped in

what type of error you are getting?