Object recognition alternatives

Hi guys,
i’m having a problem with a process that I’m working on.
there is a web that every day the robot needs to login and download some files.
everyday, the robot need to choose yesterday in the date picker.
this where the problem is:

  • i cannot type into the exact date. i have to choose by clicking year, month, and day of month separately.
  • i cannot manipulate the selector because of a block in my organization due to data security.

if i open the java editor on the browser (F12) i can see that there is a block.
the ocr recognize the hole screen as a canvas - as one big picture with no objects.
therefor i have a problem to choose the day of month in the date picker.

anyone have any idea how i can make the robot choose the right day of month
if the robot does not recognize the number separately?

i hope i made myself clear
i added a screenshot of the date picker.

by the way, the website is the NASDAQ web


It looks like we can type the data…

The Start date is looks like it’s a field the format of the Start date is MM/ddlyyyy

If this will select the entire canvas we can use CV type into

Can we try in this way?


hi NaNi,

I know it looks like we can type into in the box under the “START DATE” but it is not possible. the NASDAQ did not enable this option(i guess). even outside of my Org’ with my personal laptop it is not possible.

the only option is to choose every part of the date seperatly.

Previously, my Org’ had other robot company that run this procss. i heard the old process used somthing with screen coordinates to figure out the day of month but i dont familiar with this methood.


Cool… May i know how we’re selecting the date manually?

Could you please show us some snaps here?

Whenever we open the calendar by defaultly will this prompt the current date, month and year?

If yes,

We can use 1 click activities to pass the yesterday…

in one assign

Assign Day = now.AddDays(-1).ToString("dd")

Pass this Day in Click activity…

In the same way we can use this for month and year

Can we try in this way?


hi guys, the problem solved. we used a different anti virus protection and added the the site to white list. Now the robot can recognize the elements and find the correct day of month.

Other problem i have now is that the robot cannot determine if the day of month is for the corrent month or not. For example, in a standard date picker, there are the last days of the previous month or the first days of the next month. So the problem is that the robot cannot determine if (for example), the numer 6 in the date picker is related to Jul or Jun(or Aug) because there are two dates that has the numer 6 (normally the day of the last month is not bold compare to the current month).

How i can make it figure out the correct day of month?

i added a screenshot of the date picker. You can see that the first numbers are related to previous month. today, my robot picked the 26 of last month and i want it to pick the 26 of this month.

Date picker example

Hello @omri_Yakobovich

now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“dd”) will give yesterdays day
now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“MM”) will give month
now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“yyyy”). will give year

This data you need to get to variables and pass it dynamically to the selector. Can watch the below video for better understanding.