Java-based application - Click OCR not working

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Hi All,

Application type : Java based(will not get any selectors)

When i am trying to select date from date picker using click ocr activities facing issue in un-attended mode / un-observed mode.

Additional info: Observed mode working as expected.

In unattended mode Robot is struggling for select between day 1 to day 10(i.e : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

In Month of January Instead of 2 selecting 12th.
In Month of March -instead of 5th Robot is selecting 15th.
In Month of April - instead of 2 Robot is selecting 12th .
In Month of June - instead of 4 Robot is selecting 14th and instead of 8 Robot selecting 28th .
In Month of july - instead of 2 Robot is selecting 12th.
In Month of September - instead of 3 Robot is selecting 8th and instead of 8th robot is selecting 9th .
In Month of October - instead of 1 Robot is selecting 10 .
In Month of November -instead of 5th Robot is selecting 15th and instead of 8th selecting 28th.
In Month of December - instead of 3RD ROBOT IS selecting 8th.

Note : - In Month of February, August and May - Robot is working fine

kindly let me know your suggestions to resolve this issue

I have tried different scale range using Microsoft and google engines


Best Regards,

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Hi @Naveen.Ch,
You have created this post as response to the topic from 2017 which was related to Citrix environment… completely different case than yours. Additionally please don’t post same thing in many topics, one is enough. Next thing - mentioning everyone who is most active on the forum will not solve your case faster. Just post in proper category, add proper tags and that’s it. That’s why I’ve created new topic from your post. More information here:

Regarding your issue. Try to work with CV activities and related OCR.

If there are diferent results in attended mode and unattended than first I’d do is to log resolution at the beginning of the process:

and compare log from attended mode with unattended where problem occures.

Additionally as a workaround you can try to always select 10 for days 1-9 and move (propably with send hot key left arrow) to the correct value.

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Hi @bdziedzi

Thank you for the response.
i have tried using send hot key control is moving to other day but actually it is not selected and tried to give enter, if i am giving enter control is going down.

eg : in below image control is moved to 8 but if i click on select date will display in system10-april-2020.


propably you have to send “space” hot key (if not space than try to manually find correct key) to confirm selection before sending “enter”
In web systems space bar is most often used to select checkboxex, radio buttons ect. for keyboard navigation.