Oauth2 Authentication to gmail always pop-up

Hello Everyone,

I have this project which uses Gsuite activities. On my first sequence, I use Read Range activity inside my Gsuite application scope then the process will start, at the end of the process I will use Google Drive activity to upload my file to gdrive, I also put the Upload File activity to my Gsuite application scope. My question is how to prevent the Oauth2 Authentication to pop up? They have the same ClientID and ClientSecret

In the DataStoreLocation try to set it to Local disk. Normally after the first OAuth, it shouldn’t ask again the consent if you are using the same credentials.

Hi @Gus_Fring,

When you use GSuite Application scope always try to provide all the scopes which are used in this whole process for example sheet and drive as

Whenever you use a GsuiteApplication Scope alway use same configuration for all, then the popup will only open once.


Hi @marian.platonov and @DIBYAPRAKASH_PRADHAN I already set those configuration on my properties and configure scopes but I still encounter the same problem

Does anyone knows what is the workaround here? On the properties of the Gsuite App scope I only fill out the ClientID and ClientSecret. Also I have the same configuration scope but the Oauth2 authentication still ask me everytime I run my project.

Hi @Gus_Fring

  1. First delete existing tokens from below path:

Note that delete tokens only which you are using for your process and not the tokens which belongs to other processes.

  1. Keep Gsuite scopes consistent at every instance. Like in your case it will be as shown below:


  1. Set Token name consistent across all GSuite scopes as shown below:

If you need to store auth tokens to orchestrator then you might need minor modifications as this is storing tokens locally.

Hope it will help you.

HI @Gus_Fring

You can try with ServiceAccount Authentication type instead of OAuth , There will be no popup appears