GSuite API

Hi Champs,

I am facing an issue in GSuite API. I am using Cient ID and Client secret for authentication the account. I have multiple accounts and want to use on one VM. So some time the authentication pop up is coming and some time not coming. It is creating the problem because the email has been triggering by the last authenticated account. I want that authentication pop up should come every time so that the bot could authenticate the desired account.
Please help me on this.


The gsuite authentication will be saved in a particular local folder: %appdata%\Datastore.GSuite. You can try to delete that file once the mail has been triggered.


Hi Athira,

Can you please share the root path for this folder because there is no folder showing with this name.



You can select the property DataStoreLocation as “Never Store” so that it will ask for authentication everytime. That will be the easier option.


Thank you Athira. It is working now.

Glad I could be of help. You can mark it as solution so it can help others with similar questions.

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