Gsuite Application Scope combined with Get mail message activity doesn't work after package upgrade to v2.4.2

Hey there,

I’ve a working proces which gets gmail messages, with Google workspace package v2.1.2.

After upgrading to package version 2.4.2 my proces doesn’t work anymore, because the activity Get Mail message generates a popup in chrome, for chosing my gmail account.


Gsuite Applications Scope Activity

After Upgrade:

Gsuite Applications Scope Activity

undesired result:

Can anyone tell me where I need to add the correct account to these activities to avoid this undesired screens?


If you are using client credrntials then why are you using a password again?


  • OAuthClient - Indicates the application (client) to be used. If UiPath is selected, no ClientID and ClientSecret should be provided. The default value is UiPath.

  • User - The identifier assigned to an authorized user. A unique response token is generated for each identifier that can be stored for future use. This property supports String variables and string formatted values.

    • This property is only applicable if the selected AuthenticationType is OAuthClientID.

The activity will request for the first time to provide the account and accept it, but for that you will need to provide the User. Then, until the token is valid on your machine, it shouldn’t ask you again to see that screen.

More details here:

Hi Marian,

Thanks for your answer. Bur it doesn’t work yet.

Within the options of the new activity, i can’t set the user.

I just have these options within the activity, DataStorelocation en OrchestratorFolderPath.