O365 Sharepoint Lists - Error AADSTS65001

We have a Azure App setup for our Sharepoint that is used by our UiPath installation.

Files, Mail, Excel etc all work fine, but we recently decided that we want to use the Sharepoint List functionality, and that refuses to work - and the error suggests a problem with the Azure setup… any advice / help would be much appreciated !

RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Graph.ServiceException: Code: generalException
Message: An error occurred sending the request.
—> RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Identity.Client.MsalUiRequiredException: AADSTS65001: The user or administrator has not consented to use the application with ID ‘XXX’ named ‘YYY’. Send an interactive authorization request for this user and resource.


This error occurs because the application “YYY” with the ID ‘XXX’ is trying to access the Microsoft Office 365 resources but lacks the necessary permission. Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

1. Login to http://portal.azure.com/
2. Go to Azure Active Directory.
3. Click on Enterprise Applications, then select "All applications".
4. Look for the application with the id "XXX". It should have the name "YYY".
5. Click on "Permissions" -> "Grant admin consent for <Tenant Name>"
6. Click "Yes" on the consent dialog that appears.

This grants the necessary permissions to access the Office 365 resources for the entire tenant.

If you are a user and don’t have the necessary admin permissions, you should reach out to your administrator to perform these steps.

Thanks - I am waiting to hear back from our IT team.

Hi @marian.platonov ,

Our IT have confirmed that this is already is place - can you advise if that is the case why else it may not be working ?

Make sure you have followed the steps to grant admin consent. You can do this under Application > API permissions > Grant admin consent.

If your app needs user consent, you can construct a consent URL like this:


Note: The consent needs to be approved by your Azure admin.