Microsoft365.Activities List Activities getting access denied error


Im having issues using UiPath.Micrsoft365.Activities to get and modify SharePoint Lists. I have already used the activities for retrieving some emails and is seems to work fine. I am receiving an access denied error when attempting to run the automation. I did make sure the proper API permissions were set in the App registration in Azure. I am using app auth instead of delegated. Im using the client ID, Tenent ID, and client secret directly from the app reg overview page. I switched the OAuthApplication to custom. I am a little confused about which option to select within Services. I also ensured the Auth Type in the scope was set to application ID and secret. Is there something I need to configure within SharePoint? Any help would be appreciated

Update, the issue is still not resolved, but I wanted to add that I attempted to set this up with a Cert instead of an Application secret and also added MS Graph File.ReadWrite.all (already installed AllSites.readwrite.all and sites.manage) Also I want to point out that the error is coming from the Get List Info activity not the M365 scope. In the end, I’m still receiving the access denied error.