Numbers pulled from a Google Sheet appears with "E+15" when put into a data table

I am using “READ RANGE” activity to pull a google sheet into a data table to use for other activities. There’s a cell with a long number, eg. 1371031604950002, that when pulled into the data table, appears as 137103160495Ex15. I am unable to use that correctly for my function, and also to note, the “2” at the end disappears. I’ve tried making sure that the format of the column in the google sheet to be “Plain Text”. While debugging it, I realized that if i reduce the number of 0s in the cell, it does not convert to the number with “Ex15” at the end. Original number is 16 digits.
I am looking for a way that the number appears as it is in the data table. Thanks!

HI @bernardacc

Can you share the screenshot of your workflow and a sample excel file?


here’s the workflow. I am just using a regular read range, but the value is already turning into exponents when i inspect the DT produced.

Im unable to upload a file, but here’s the screen shot of my output excel

Hi @bernardacc ,

Maybe the use of Format Cells Activity would be beneficial for your case.

First perform the Format Cells Activity on the Column Range to set the format as Number and then read the Data.

Does that format the Cells in the google sheet to be Numbers? Would that not make the exponential numbers appear? I now have that column formatted as plain text in the google sheett

@bernardacc , Could you confirm if the Google Sheet is downloaded and is present in the System as an Excel file ?

I am not downloading the Google Sheet as an excel file. I am directly using a Google Sheet read Range activity.