Number of rows into selector

Hi there,
I am trying to do classic example where I have to click on a certain row in data table.
I have builded a Counter (TransactionNumber=TransactionNumber+1).
Here is the selector:

I know for the possibility to define selector as a variable, but it is not working. When I go into selector Panel, and mark the relevant part ‘Zeile 0’, I can not define as a variable as it is expained in UiPath´s tutorial. I simlpy do not have the option for a right click. Nothing happens.

Therefore I guess I need to pass it as a string.

I have tried with several options, like:
<ctrl name='Zeile ‘+TransationNumber.toString+’ role=‘row’ />
<ctrl name='Zeile " '+TransationNumber.toString+ ’ " role=‘row’ />
<ctrl name='Zeile ’ "+TransationNumber.toString+ ’ " role=‘row’ />

but none of them seem to be working.
I am using Studio 2018.4.6 (and can not update it) - not sure why I can not define selector as a variable?

myselectorVariable = "<ctrl name='Zeile "+TransationNumber.toString+"' role='row' />"
and use the variable as the selector.

but what do you mean by use variable as selector? Is there some additional action I need to compede beside of modifying the selector?
TransationNumber is already defined as a variable (Int32).

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

like this:


Also, if you are under the window to modify the selector, if you right-click in the place where you want to insert a variable, you can select which variable you want to use. This is helpful because the selector will display as valid if the current value of the variable will be placed in the selector for validation while you’re debugging.

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Thanks a lot!

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