Inserting Variable Into Selector

Hello! New here and my first question :smiley:

I am going through a table from a website with a Click action. The selector looks like this

I want to modify the selector in order to use a variable. In the selector text, at tableRow=‘3’ i would like to insert my variable.

So I created a variable “k” of type Int32. I modified the selector (tableRow=‘“k.toString”’) but now i get the error “End of expression expected”. Does anyone know how can i fix this?

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Hey @VladM

You have to use like this :- <webctrl isleaf='1' tableCol='5' tableRow='"+k.ToString+"' tag='TD'>



The modified selector looks like this now

Hey @VladM

See you have not added plus operator.


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Haha it worked! Thanks a lot @aksh1yadav !

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