Can we make tableRow Dynamic?

I am reading a Table in a Web Page and process record by record. To move from one record to another, I would like to pass tableRow as a variable. I have created an int variable and passing it as ’ “+RowNumber+” ’ in selector but this is throwing an error.

My selector looks like this:


a static value does get processed successfully. Appreciate your response. Thanks,

Hi Satish,
Save the entire selector in a string variable and pass that variable as the selector

dynamicRowSelector= “”
Let me know how it goes

Hi Als,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Using the string variable helped resolve this issue. Just a small change for the tableRow was required.


How have you pass dynamicRowSelector variable in selector?

Hello, I am new to UI path and I have the same problem as you, I would like to make my tableRow Dynamic.However, I am having trouble understanding what was the solution to your problem here. My selector is as follows:
From what I understand you have an int variable called rowNumber but you do not seem to use it as I only see rowPosition. Can you explain this please?
Also, I understand creating a string variable named DynamicRowSelector that has a default of the entire selector correct? Then on the selector editor, you just added DynamicRowSelector = in front of your selector?
Thank you very much

If we want to select last row then?

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