How to pass variable in selectors


I have used data scraping to extract datatable and Im trying to click on every row of datatable in a sequence and go back by passing the tableRow value in selector but we cant proceed.
I attached the screenshots of process workflow, selector error, selector values.


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Kindly have a view on this on how to pass variables in selector



I have already looked into it and tried but it still gives error β€œcan not find UI element corresponding to it”

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try to pass variables in properties instead of edit selector window

Please check the value is coming or not in the variable β€œi” you declared in selector using writeline activity

Sivasankar S

Fine may I know from where we are getting the value of i
Cheers @Sushant_Manchekar

I have created one variable ’ i ’ and assigned its value to 2 using assign activity

Yes , I checked its value

I did the same,
Kindly please tell me how i can iterate each row value dynamically from extracted datatable

Using For each row you can iterate the table (Datatable)
what is dynamic in this???
if you want to pass value from datatable for each row from that datatable then use for each row

put +test.tostring+



It should be like this: