Migration to Windows

Hi everyone,

As we have been communicating in our previous posts, the default compatibility for new projects in latest versions of UiPath Studio is Windows, which renders the legacy listings incompatible with the default compatibility in these Studio version(s). If you have not migrated your legacy listings, users of newer Studio versions, will no longer be able to find and use them with default compatibility, potentially leading to a reduction in the number of downloads for your listings.

Therefore, we strongly ask all of you to complete the transition of your legacy listings to Windows and to consistently update your content with the latest product releases.

How to?

  • Migrate your listings to Windows
    Please have a look at the following 2 cases and depending upon whichever case your activity fits into, please follow the following steps to successfully migrate your activity:
    • Case-1: If your Activity was created using Visual Studio, please refer to this link for migration.
    • Case-2: If your listing was created using the Windows-Legacy version of UiPath Studio, please convert it to Windows using Studio’s built-in conversion tool. You can right-click the project node in the Project panel in UiPath Studio and then select Convert to Windows. More details are provided here.
  • Make sure your listings are compatible with the latest version of UiPath Studio and mention the updated compatibility on the listing page.
  • Make sure that the added documentation is up to date.

Once done, please resubmit the updated NuGet and content for review on Marketplace.

Note: Metadata changes to the NuGet can be performed using NuGet Package Explorer.

If you have questions or encounter any difficulties, please drop us a message and we will do our best to help.

Thank you,

UiPath Marketplace Team

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Nice initiative, but can you also get Internal Labs to do so?
Some of us have been asking for a long time.

I made a topic here trying to flag one from Internal Labs that seems to be abandoned. I get no answers on the Q&A and the person who made it has left UiPath as I did look to contact directly.

Here is another topic raising the issue over a year ago.

Help us by migrating your listings too please or by making the source code of your Internal Labs stuff public so if it does get orphaned we can at least support it.

Hi @Jon_Smith,

Thank you for signaling this, we are working internally to migrate more and more packages. As for the listings you mentioned in your previous posts, I am attaching here a link for an activity that can help with WPF Interactive: Attended UI Framework - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview.
Also, the Interactive Activities are migrated to Windows: Interactive Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

That particular package is no longer interesting to me as I have moved to a different Consultancy now and if I rebuild something with forms I will use the new UiForms stuff as that fills the hole that package was missing, I was more using it as an example to flag that various Internal Labs stuff, which are great, seem to be getting orphaned when staff leave.

Would be great if we could address that general challenge whilst solving the migration one, perhaps like I said by having public repos? I fear some of the source code might be lost all together though…?