Integrating .NET Maui package into Studio project?


I have built a simple .NET Maui application interface and a package for it. I want to put my NuGet package into my Studio project but it says “No compatible version with Windows Projects”

Extra details:
-I have removed all Maui platforms other than maccatalyst and windows.
-I have tried studio cross-platform edition with no luck.
-Maui project is in net 6.0


Hi @Holly

If you are trying to add a .NET MAUI NuGet package to your UiPath Studio project and encountering the “No compatible version with Windows Projects” error, it might be due to compatibility issues between the .NET MAUI project and the version of UiPath Studio you are using.

Currently, .NET MAUI is a relatively new framework, and its compatibility with UiPath Studio might not be fully established or supported yet. UiPath Studio has specific requirements and dependencies, which might not align with the .NET MAUI framework


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