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I am having some questions regarding nuget folder that is automatically created by running bot:

Can anyone explain in brief what is this nuget folder?
What is use of this folder?
Is it safe to delete nuget folder?
How will it impact if we remove it?

Please help me with these questions…

Thanks in advance!!!

@UiPath_Community can anyone please help me with these questions??


This folder is where the packages and dependencies used by robot are unpacked or stored

you can delete…again the same would be created and packages would be redownloaded when you run again


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Hello @Vaibhav_Shukla,

1. What is this nuget folder? The “nuget” folder contains the downloaded NuGet packages required by the project. These packages are essential for the project to run successfully as they provide the necessary activities, libraries, and dependencies.

2. What is the use of this folder? The “nuget” folder ensures that all the required packages are available locally, so the project can run offline without needing to download packages every time. It also enables version control for the packages, ensuring that the same versions are used consistently across different environments.

3. Is it safe to delete the nuget folder? It is generally not recommended to delete the “nuget” folder manually. Doing so might cause the project to fail to load or run correctly if it relies on the packages stored in the folder. Instead, let UiPath manage the “nuget” folder and its contents.

4. How will it impact if we remove it? If you delete the “nuget” folder, the project might not be able to find the required packages, leading to errors during execution. The project may fail to load, and any activities or dependencies that were part of the deleted packages won’t be available anymore.

If you need to clean up disk space or reduce the size of the project, it’s better to use UiPath’s built-in package management features. You can remove unnecessary dependencies or packages using the “Manage Packages” option within UiPath Studio.


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Nuget folder istaking lot of space so can you please suggest what can be done to avoid this thing??


Delete the old versions of packages in it …so that packages which are not used would be removed and only ltest would be present



  1. Delete Unused Packages: Regularly clean up your project’s NuGet packages to remove any packages that are no longer used. In UiPath Studio, you can go to “Manage Packages” and review the packages installed in your project. Remove any packages that are not required for your current automation.
  2. Use Specific Versions: Try to use specific versions of NuGet packages instead of relying on wildcards (*). Using specific versions helps prevent the accumulation of multiple versions of the same package.
  3. Enable Package Restore: If you have multiple projects in your solution, consider enabling “Package Restore” for the solution. This ensures that the packages are not stored within the individual projects but are instead downloaded on-demand during build or execution.
  4. Clear NuGet Cache: Periodically, you can clear the NuGet cache to remove unused or outdated package versions. This can be done through the NuGet Package Manager settings in Visual Studio or by manually deleting the cache folder.
  5. Use Shared Libraries: If you have multiple projects that use the same NuGet packages, consider creating shared libraries or custom activities that can be referenced across projects. This reduces redundancy and optimizes package usage.
  6. Manage Dependencies: Review the dependencies of the NuGet packages you are using and avoid packages that have excessive dependencies, as they can lead to larger package sizes.
  7. Archive Old Projects: If you have completed projects that are no longer in use, consider archiving them to free up space on your system.

When publishing check the box that says “Ignore Unused dependencies”

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