Nuget Package is missing


I was developing a project where i used external nupkg packages and installed them in the uipath development studio. I have published the package to the orchestrator and mapped the package to the production bot. Now while running the process i am getting error about missing class and missing package in the orchestrator log.

I know i have to external copy those extra nupkg packages to the production machine which i installed in my development machine. But am unable to find any way to get it sorted.

Do i need to copy the nupkg package only or i need to install them also ?, and how ?, or at what location ?

Can anyone help me to get it sorted.


Please follow the below steps to add the Custom activity package to production machine.

  • Goto Manage Package and Find the Local source where the packages are saved.

  • Open the Local source folder and paste your external nuget package.
  • Now you can find the package in Manage package.
  • install the external nuget package now.

Hi Vivek,

Thanks for the reply. But on production machine i do not have the studio, only robot is installed. So i am find out the way to get the required nudget package on production bot.

Kindly advise.


Hi @vibhor7296

You can manually copy the packages over. See here for more reference: